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We speak human when it comes to technology. Let's make your tech work for YOU!

  • Faster computers & network speeds

  • A decrease in viruses & malware

  • More network uptime

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Longer computer & network lifespan

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LayerTi provides comprehensive managed IT support services in the Augusta area.


Your business activities are valuable to hackers. Without preventative measures in place, your network is vulnerable to viruses and hackers seeking to halt your operations. We deploy robust cyber security tools to all assets on your network to ensure every file on every computer is free from malicious code designed to hurt your business. Your internet traffic is filtered and monitored to prevent such attacks.


Our help desk is made of the same technicians that service your network. Their understanding of your specific network ensures your technology goals are maintained. Our technicians can be contacted via phone, email, or chat and are ready to answer any of your technology questions. We are able to offer a helping hand both remotely and on-site.


We secure your email communications to prevent unauthorized access to your business information. We deploy additional measures to prevent phishing attacks as well as scan all incoming and outgoing emails for malicious content.


Our data backup and continuity solution ensures your critical information is secure, backed up and accessible whenever you need it, even during a network failure or a disaster – so you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.


We are a one stop shop for all your tech projects. Infrastructure refresh, software migration, VOIP phone conversion, we’ve got you covered!


We provide training for all your employees to encourage tech literacy. Vigilance in knowing what to click on and what to not click on is the first line of defense in protecting your business operations. Training includes courses on Microsoft 365, SalesForce, G-Suite, and some LOB softwares.

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From employees and business owners in the CSRA.

Our previous IT company certainly weren't calling us about the issues. We had to call them. Only one guy knew how things worked so we had to wait for him to be available when something went wrong. I assumed backups were happening but never questioned it because I didn't want to know the answer. We started seeing value immediately after onboarding with LayerTi. They were able to establish a process to get everything to work efficiently since everything was so cobbled together before. LayerTi deployed security software that gave us peace of mind over my office and employees.

-Office Manager of a Real-Estate Attorney

Our computer system was a mess! For years, our law firm cobbled together a system by adding bits and pieces as others broke or became outdated. Finally, we reached the point where that would no longer work. Thank goodness that’s when we found LayerTi!
LayerTi is a professional company whose technicians know how to deal with other professionals. As a law office, confidentiality was of utmost importance to us. They helped create a system where our clients will always be protected. LayerTi also works around our busy schedules, working when we aren’t so that our clients and daily routines will not be disturbed. I highly recommend LayerTi to any business. They will develop and execute the IT plan you need!

-Partner at a Local Law Firm

Have you ever wished that when someone in your business came to you with a computer problem you could say with a big smile, “I’m not sure what the issue is, just call our IT Department.” The problem is that, you like many others think that you cannot afford to have an IT Department... you can share ours; it will be just like having your own. We use LayerTi and it’s just like having an onsite IT Team! If we have a problem, we click on the icon, send a quick note, then they contact us right away to fix the issue, whoosh, it’s done! I like having an IT Department and I bet you will too.
I will be glad to tell anyone that I have been very happy with the work that LayerTi has done. They came in and did what they had to do without disturbing our day to day activities at all. Each person is friendly and professional while explaining things in terms that I completely understand. One of my favorite things that they did was to put the phone number on each workstation. Now, if something acts up, I point to the phone number.

-Owner of a Local Automotive Dealership

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Increase in Ransomeware Attacks

There was a 435% increase in ransomeware attacks during the year of 2020


Had a Cybersecurity Breach

During 2020, 90% of health professionals experienced a cyber security breach within the past 3 years


Cost of Breaches Every Minute

Cyber crime costs organizations around the world $2.9 million dollars every minute

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A Client Success Story​

With their old I.T. company, David's office was forced to move their closings on several occasions because their server kept going down.

No-one knew if backups were being tested. The one time they had to restore files, the client had to stay with them onsite until 1am.

Their IT company would only replace equipment as it failed, leaving the business stranded.


David and his team saw improvements to productivity, security, and their peace of mind.

​We deployed a robust security stack to protect their hardware from viruses and filtered their email to reduce the chance of wire fraud.​

We gave them peace of mind surrounding their precious data, storing 2 copies on site for quick recovery, and one copy in the cloud in the case of a disaster.​

When they started building their new office in 2019, we were involved in developing a floor plan that would support their infrastructure. Once the building was finished, we moved all their technology in one weekend, leaving the business with zero downtime.

When their business got hit with a lightning strike, we got them up and running within 4 hours.

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Our managed clients have peace of mind knowing a team of techs are on standby, ready to help them with their tech needs.​

3540 Wheeler Rd
Suite 414
Augusta, Ga. 30909


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